Young Women Magic


This is an online platform that has weekly discussions with young women on the circumstances and oppressions that young women face in Zimbabwe.  The group deals with different issues such as intersectionality, Gender-Based Violence, Zimbabwean laws affecting women and the young women also discuss solutions that may help them overcome these problems.  These issues affect the mental health of young women and most women are not aware of this. This group therefore raises mental health awareness and is therapeutic. The group is very versatile as it invites different young women influencers, life coaches, relationship coaches, psychologists and lawyers both local and international to present and educate the participants. The group is additionally a platform where young women are empowered to speak out and break the silence of abuses they may have experienced.


  • To educate young women of their rights
  • To educate young women on the different types of abuse
  • To empower young women to take control of their lives
  • To build up young women’s self-esteem
  • To help Young Women maintain their mental health
  • To engage and come up with solutions for the problem faced by young women
  • To provide a safe space for young women to speak up and break the silence


Clink link to be involved and take part in the Young Women Magic Group.