Violence against women is one of the world’s most prominent forms of discrimination and human rights violations. Ending violence in our communities is a responsibility of the whole community and it is significant that men and boys are active participants and promoters of change to achieve the elimination of violence against women and girls. Therefore Young Men Against GBV is a platform that gives young men an opportunity to join the conversation and make the difference.

Work with men and boys can have a positive transformative impact not only for the lives of women and girls, but also for their own lives. There is a much broader spectrum of positive roles for men and boys to play than perpetrators or potential perpetrators of gender based violence. These roles not only prevent and reduce violence but also improve the lives of men and boys by freeing them from these harmful and limiting aspects of masculinities. 


To educate young men on gender based violence

To educate men on harmful societal and cultural norms that promotes GBV.

To train young men to have self-control and how to manage their emotions to prevent violent reactions.

Communication skills- to train young main on how to effectively communicate without the use of violence

To train and recruit young men to become influencers in the fight against GBV in their communities.