Women's Mental Health Conference

Date:28 August 2019   |  Place: HICC HARARE 

The aim of the conference was to empower women and girls with lived experience of mental health while advocating for women’s mental health needs to be prioritized.


Dr Euginia Nyamukovo

Prevalence and factors associated with depression amongst HIV positive pregnant women in Zimbabwe.

Dr Chido Rwafa

The importance of Gender sensitive mental health service provision: Zimbabwe’s priorities for women’s mental health needs

Dr Sekai Nhiwatiwa

Women’s experiences in the psychiatric system in Zimbabwe: Reflections on the first Psychiatrist in Zimbabwe.

Savannah Trust Theatre Performance

The social, economic, cultural psychological factors which affect women’s mental health

Ezra Hewing

Head of Mental Health Educuation at MIND – Towards sustainable recovery and resilience 

Sue Gray and Gilli Gladman

Peer Supports formation and benefits of peer to peer counselling 

Images of the Savannah Trust Theatre performance