Due to COVID-19 there was an increase in poverty within our communities primarily resulting from the lockdown restrictions. Many people in the communities are employed in the informal sector therefore with the lack of income during the lockdown many of our beneficiaries experienced food insecurity.  Many of our beneficiaries reported skipping meals or going hungry because of the lack of sufficient financial resources to purchase food or otherwise lack of access to food. The experience of food insecurity is stressful and has been associated with numerous harmful physical and mental health outcomes over the short and long term. 

As an urgent COVID-19 response, P.H.O.E.B.E has been committed to distributing mealie meal and other household essentials such as soap and cooking oil to our beneficiaries on a monthly basis as a way of supporting the vulnerable households during this crisis. It is important to us that our beneficiaries receive all the support they need in all aspects of their lives to enable them to maintain a healthy mental well-being.